What is sexology?

Sexology is the scientific study of sexual interests, behaviour, and function. Researchers in sexology, apply tools from several academic fields, including biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology and criminology. Sexology encompasses sexual development, the development of sexual relationships and the mechanics of sexual activities.

What is a sexologist?

A sexologist is an expert in the field of human sexuality. A sexologist is a sexuality educator, sex therapist and sex researcher. A sexologist can be adept at all three, or specialise in at least two.

What happens in “sex therapy”?


First you will meet with your sexologist in our private and professional rooms. Your sexologist will spend time discussing our privacy and confidentiality policy before they begin the evaluation and assessment process. A sexual history will be taken in which you will be asked to describe your sexual experiences. If you are coming to therapy as a couple, each partners sexual history will be taken. Remember, any information you give or conversation you have with your sexologist will remain strictly confidential.

The sexologist will explore with you what you might want to achieve or change in about your sexual self or your sexual relationship. The sexologist will then talk with you about the best way forward in your circumstances.

“Sex therapy” is not just talking. At the end of each 50 minute session the sexologist will suggest new ‘homework’ exercises for you and/or your partner to try in the privacy of your home. In subsequent sessions, the ‘homework’ exercises are discussed and any progress and/or difficulties are explored. It is important to remember, you will never be asked to undertake any sexual tasks during a session.

Your sexologist also functions as a sex educator, providing accurate information about anatomy, physical response that is 
specific to your sexual concern.


How do I know if “sex therapy” is for me? 

If you feel that a sexual difficulty you have experienced for a period of time is not 
getting any better, you would probably benefit from seeing a sexologist. The earlier you take action, the sooner the problem or issue will be addressed and corrected. In some instances it is also important to consult your doctor for a medical evaluation. At your request, your sexologist can work with your physician when medical treatment is indicated.

Some of the reasons people choose to see a sexologist at NSW Sexology Services include; consistently low sexual desire, problems getting and maintaining erections, difficulty controlling ejaculations and timing, difficulty reaching orgasm, difficulty relaxing and enjoying sex, loss of sexual intimacy in a relationship, anxiety or pain during intercourse and embarrassment, shame or guilt about or during sex.


Do you provide relationship counselling?


Yes. For many people sexual health issues present within an intimate relationship so it is often useful to explore other aspects of that relationship. The most important thing to remember is that at NSW Sexology Services we use our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. If your goals of therapy extend beyond the sexual aspects of the relationship then we can assist you with them too.


Should I come alone or with my partner?


Some people prefer to attend an initial session by themselves and then bring their partner to subsequent sessions. Sometimes both partners have individual sessions 'to get stuff of their chest' prior to commencing couples work. Others prefer to attend with their partner from the onset and some choose to never bring their partner to a session. Whether you attend alone or with your partner is entirely up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. At NSW Sexology Services we have the experience and expertise to work with you however you choose to engage in sessions.