Sexual Health Consultancy

At NSW Sexology Services we understand the difficulties disability, mental health, child protection, youth, aged care and other services face when attempting to meet the sexual health needs of their clients. NSW Sexology Services is committed to assisting service providers achieve optimal sexual health outcomes for their clients as well as addressing issues of ‘sexualised behaviours’, protective strategies and consent. NSW Sexology Services offers a range of services designed to meet the needs of service providers and their clients. NSW Sexology Services provides sexual health consultancy and training throughout NSW.

NSW Sexology Services assists a diverse range of Government and Non Government Organisations throughout NSW to achieve positive and safer sexual health outcomes for their clients and service users.

Consultancy and Contracted Services Include:


  • Holistic Sexual Health Knowledge and Awareness Assessments

  • Comprehensive Sexual Risk Assessments

  • Individualised Sexual Health Education Programs

  • Written Reports

  • Behaviour Intervention Support Plans

  • Ongoing Support

  • Staff Training

  • Sexual Health Counselling and Therapy

  • Assessment and Treatment of people who sexually abuse children and young people

  • Sexual Health Counselling                            

Areas of Specialisation for Consultancy and Contracted Services include:


  • Child Protection

  • Sexualised Behaviours

  • Consent

  • Sexual Offending

  • Protective Strategies

  • Sexual Health Education